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Westside Judo | Empowering Sport

Help your Kids Gain Confidence!

Get them into Judo Today

Fun, safe and packed full of transferable skills to help your child grow in all spheres

Become a Club Member

Westside Judo runs regular classes throughout the year. This is a great way for you clild to learn the ancient art of Judo while being part of a regular community.

Spaces for next term available now.

Why should my kids do Judo?

Judo is a great marital art for children to learn.  Self-defence skills is the obvious benefit – but there are more!

Westside Judo is a family values club focused on providing a level of teaching and coaching to the Rolleston and greater Selwyn area.

Prevent Injuries – Learn to Fall Safely

Learning to fall safely and preventing injuries is a key skill everyone learns in Judo.  A fall on the netball court or the rugby field can result in dislocated or broken wrists.  Everyone naturally wants to put their hands out as they fall to soften the impact.  That is the worse thing you can do!

  • Learn to break the impact of the fall with Judo break falls.
  • Learn how to roll through the fall with Judo rolls.

Controlling Body Position

Learn not only how to control and use your body position; learn how to control and use an opponent’s body position against them.

 This is great for rugby; Judo is used by many rugby franchises and players in New Zealand and around the world.  Not only does it help with injury prevention; it improves rugby skills.

Increase Children’s Self Confidence

Children will be challenged in Judo.  Learning new skills take time and the skills they learn will most definitely take them outside their comfort zone!

 Their confidence will grow as they develop through Judo.

Learn Respect

Respecting others is a strong value we instil at Westside Judo.  We look after each other.  The more older experienced members make sure the younger less experienced members are safe; as do the coaches.

Judo is Fun

We ensure our classes are fun for the children.  Games are used to teach the skills they are developing.