KidsFest 2020


We have two awesome programs running each day designed to be packed full of fun activities and cool new skills. 

Judo for Rugby will run in the mornings

Self Risk Management for Youths  will run in the afternoons

Come to one or come to both – discount available for both classes 

Judo for Rugby Workshops

  • Learn how to fall without breaking or dislocating your wrists, elbows or shoulders
  • Learn how to tackle effectively from the front offensively – gain meterage
  • Gain real self-confidence tackling and being tackled
  • Learn how to take control

This is a Judo programme using basic judo skills to use in rugby. This programme is highly effective – many top national and international players have been through this type of programme.

Be quick – spaces are limited – improve your tackling skills in this programme!

Note: this programme runs in Tai Tapu on mats to learn safely.

Self-Risk Management for Youths Workshops

  • Learn Judo an Olympic combat sport.
  • Prevent broken and/or dislocated wrists, elbows and shoulders in sports like rugby and netball or when tripping up or falling over.
  • Learn how to defend yourself using Judo along with techniques adapted from other martial arts
  • Learn how to ‘ self-manage your risks’ avoid putting yourself at unnecessary risks and learn when to fight to protect yourself and when to run.
  • Fun is a key element with lots of games to reinforce what is taught.

Qualified head instructor Mark Nugent – former NZ police officer and former self-defense instructor for Canterbury Police – has designed this programme specifically for youths.

It is physically demanding and will challenge you. Once you complete this you will have more self-confidence and have the basic skills to defend yourself.